11-12 March 2016 / bcc Berlin


newsPeeks is a news organisation based in London, producing online videos communicating powerful and relevant stories to young people.

Over the past couple of months, newsPeeks has been training young journalists from Germany and the UK in interviewing and interview production techniques. At the symposium, newsPeeks will set up an interview stage where the young journalists will interview speakers from the symposium on the realities of secrecy, surveillance and censorship today. Throughout the day, video clips and images will be sent out across a number of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat with a video-cast being published on Periscope for anyone that wants to tune in live.

In the weeks running up to the event, newsPeeks has been releasing content online relating to surveillance, secrecy and censorship – two videos looking at the tactics used by mainstream media to marginalise certain arguments and the surveillance of environmental activists, have been released and promoted online in order to build awareness for the symposium activity. They have also conducted interviews with John Kiriakou and James Goodale. All of this can be seen on http://www.newspeeks.com/#!logan-symposium-competition/.

Having launched an art competition in January this year, newsPeeks has just announced the winner who will also be invited to attend the event. All of the artwork submitted for the competition will be screened at the event and can be seen on the symposium website.

The interviews conducted at the symposium will be edited and published immediately after the event in order to extend the impact of the event on young people and broaden our reach to young people outside of Berlin.

newsPeeks launched The Channel art competition to find creative expressions of secrecy, surveillance and censorship – these are very important issues that affect us all in a variety of ways and newsPeeks wanted to give people an opportunity to have their say on the topic.
People submitted photos, graphic design, illustration, painting, poetry, rap and video.
A selection of the works submitted will be screened at the 2016 Logan CIJ Symposium, but you can see them for yourself here:

angrybirds02  IMG_5774  IMG_6720

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