11-12 March 2016 / bcc Berlin

NewsPeeksLIVE Programme

0 Want to live in a world with a free internet, free speech and a free press?Then follow newsPeeksLIVE whose three day ‘pop up’ online TV station for and by young people, covered the Logan Symposium 2014.

newsPeeksLIVE footage can be found on www.newsPeeks.com or www.loganarchives.kinsta.cloud

During the symposium the team interviewed the leading investigative journalists, whistleblowers and hackers.

The curators, aged between 16 and 24, received questions via social networks from the delegates as well as those engaging with the conference remotely.

newsPeeksLIVE is initiated by 19-year-old Tarquin Ramsay in collaboration with newsPeeks and is funded by the Foundation for Democracy and Media.


Friday 5th Dec

10.00    All NewsPeeksLIVE team

10.30    Gavin MacFadyen        Sylvia Mann (pre-rec)

11.00     Seymour Hersh            James Topley

12.00    John Pilger                    Sylvia Mann

12.45    VISUAL

11.15     Systems of Surveillance
Duncan Campbell      Connor Naylor
Maria Xynou                 Natalie Minney
James Bamford          Vincent Zulawski

2.15   VISUAL

3.00 Special Guests                   Tarquin Ramsey

4.00 What We Do Not Need to See
John Pilger                            Tosca Lloyd
Olia Lialina                            Madeline Copp
Andy Müller-Maguhn
Ross Anderson


5.30 Hacking Europe              James Topley
Ruth Oldenziel
Gerard Alberts
Bernd Fix

6.15 Wau-Pengo 1989             Sylvia Mann
Angela Richter

7.00 Roll Call Join Feed @ Logan

Saturday 6th Dec

10.00    Big Data Poetry            Olivia Gillman
Michel Banabila
Geert Mul

11.00     VISUAL

11.30     Whistleblowing
Bea Edwards          Natalie Minney
Eileen Chubb          Vincent Zulawski

12.30    VISUAL

1.15    Chuck Lewis                    James Topley

2.00   Methods of Investigation
Anne Cadwallader        Dylan Hussey
Paul O’Connor               Madeline Copp
Nicky Hager
Karin Spaink

2.30    VISUAL

3.00    Special Guests                 Tarquin Ramsey

4.00    Lowell Bergman              Syliva Mann

4.45     Kadir Van Lohuizen     Connor Naylor

5.15     VISUAL

5.30    Julian Assange            Video Link

Sunday 7th Dec

10.00      All NewsPeeksLIVE team

10.30      Hacking Mainstream Media    Sylvia Mann
Andy Müller-Maguhn
Gavin MacFadyen
Lowell Bergman

12.00      Fighting for New Laws
Ben Emmerson QC         James Topley
Gavin Millar QC                 Vincent Zulawski
Carly Nyst

1.00       VISUAL

1.45       Future Alliances
Gavin MacFadyen                    Tarquin Ramsey
Jérémie Zimmermann           Connor Naylor
Karin Spaink
Nicky Hager

2.45      VISUAL

3.15      Visual Investigations
Paul Moreira             Madeline Copp
Susan Schuppli       Alex Pixley
Jean Marc Manach
Davide Dormino

4.00  Finish